Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick Tip!

   Today I just wanted to share with everyone a little quick tip and one of my not-so-secret favorite places to go for inspiration, ideas, tutorials, and help with crochet projects. Youtube! Specifically this lady right here. Her name is Yolanda Soto Lopez and she has a lot of awesome and detailed video tutorials. Some of the patterns are hers, and some belong to other people, but she will walk you through them and make them seem easy peasy. One of my favorite type of items to crochet are the baby sweaters, or hoodies and her tutorial is where I learned. She is great at explaining exactly what to do and showing you where you need to place your hook. She will also break down how to do the stitches. If you are new to crochet or want to learn I would really encourage you to check her channel out and she also has some tutorials for sewing and knitting as well. I think her channel is a great resource so don't miss out! 
- Celeste

Yolanda's finished cardigan

One of the cardigans I made from Yolanda's tutorial


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