Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick Tip!

   Today I just wanted to share with everyone a little quick tip and one of my not-so-secret favorite places to go for inspiration, ideas, tutorials, and help with crochet projects. Youtube! Specifically this lady right here. Her name is Yolanda Soto Lopez and she has a lot of awesome and detailed video tutorials. Some of the patterns are hers, and some belong to other people, but she will walk you through them and make them seem easy peasy. One of my favorite type of items to crochet are the baby sweaters, or hoodies and her tutorial is where I learned. She is great at explaining exactly what to do and showing you where you need to place your hook. She will also break down how to do the stitches. If you are new to crochet or want to learn I would really encourage you to check her channel out and she also has some tutorials for sewing and knitting as well. I think her channel is a great resource so don't miss out! 
- Celeste

Yolanda's finished cardigan

One of the cardigans I made from Yolanda's tutorial


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


      Welcome to Haus of Turtles Handmade and our new blog about all things crafty! Well, all things we know about. Sooo.... all things crochet, knitting, sculpting, jewelry.... This blog is to go along with our Etsy shop
Celeste made this!

Emma made this!
Krystal made this (and many others!)

   Wanna know how we make something? Simple! We post patterns all the time! Wanna see our creations? Celeste loves taking pictures! See something you like but just don't have the funds? Impress us with something awesome and we'll try to work something out!

   Warning: All three of us are avid Dungeons and Dragons gamers and will not hesitate to incorporate that into our crafting and/or blogging.

   The deal is you have to come and check us out every so often. We post as we create, so there could be lulls followed by huge amounts of posts. Everything you'll see here is handmade by us, the three beautiful owners, creators, and operators of Haus of Turtles!

   Let's meet the founders:

   First up I will introduce myself, Celeste. The most important thing about me is that I'm a mom; I have a very beautiful, energetic four year old daughter.
Olivia "Desert Justice" PreSchooler
I have an english bulldog, cat, and a 36 gallon aquarium full of fish. By day I love to crochet or sew(and try out new recipes while pretending I am a contestant on Masterchef), but by night I work as a nurse assistant in the trauma/surgical intensive care unit at my local county hospital. It's a sometimes hard job, but I work with a great team of other assistants and of course my fantastic nurses! 

 Celeste - Crocheter, seamstress, energetic go-getter who pumps the other two up
   Next up is Krystal. She is a radiology student who works as a scribe in the emergency room of a nearby hospital (no, sadly we don't work at the same one). Krystal is notorious for her love of sweets, gaming, and turtles. She also has a great sense of humor and a gift for making people laugh. She also enjoys a talent as an artist (drawing, painting, sculpting), sewing, and crocheting. 

Krystal - sculptor, painter, sewer, crocheter

   Finally let me introduce you to Emma. If I had to name top five of the smartest people I know, Emma would definitely be on my list! She recently graduated with a bachelor degree in psychology, does math crazy fast in her head,  and has a deep love of the written word. She also has a very adorable yorkie.
Lacey in Cute Mode
Emma loves gaming, animals, and Tom Baker (in his role as the 4th doctor). She loves to crochet as well as amigurumi crochet.
Emma - crocheter, knitter, (old school) Doctor Who fan
   So that's us! Together we make up the Haus of Turtles Handmade and we will be posting our super special awesome creations soon!